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Should You Feel Compassion For Pedophiles?

I had the opportunity to interview a person who recognizes himself as a pedophile and has clearly stated to me that he sees nothing wrong with having sex with a child, as long as the child consents to it. But how do we know if the child consents?

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You may wonder how can a Jew go to the Andes and actually keep kosher, well as we know by now, Jews have done absolutely everything necessary to survive and keep their costumes and traditions alive. And being in the Andes was no exception. 

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David Sugarman and North Korea

Kenneth Bae is an American citizen who moved to China in 2005. He created a company called “Nations Tours” that specialized in tours of North Korea. However, on November 2012, Bae was arrested in the middle of a tour in Rason; an area on the North Eastern coast of North Korea

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Mi entrevista con Ruben Luengas

Anastasia Mechan, estudiante en el estado de Florida

La joven escritora de origen peruano Anastasia Mechan está publicando de forma autónoma dos novelas, una en inglés y otra en español. “América: Historia mía. Historia de muchos”, se inmersa en el desgarrador mundo de la persecución migratoria

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Cuban Embassy in Miami Beach

Lots of controversy started when Mayor Levine said he wanted to open a Cuban consulate in the city of Miami Beach.  Professor Jaime Suchliky and Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado share their opinions.

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The last Holocaust survivors

In "the last interview"  The HSSIP (Holocaust Survivors Support Internship Program at the University of Miami was coming to an end. Survivors Anita Karl and Fred Mulbauer shared their experiences about the Holocaust and Adina Benasayag expressed how this internship was a life changing experience for her.

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Islamophobia in South Florida

Tensions are growing in the Muslim community as the terrorists attacks are all in the name of Islam.  Some Muslims share how do they deal with stereotypes and Islamophobia...

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Crisis in Venezuela

Students from University of Miami: Adriana Lindenwold and Adriana Nava Sosa tell their experiences about kidnapping, the crisis in their own native country and their hopes for Venezuela. Featuring Isabel da corte - president of UNIVEN at UM who explains why an organization to support Venezuelans is important and her wishes for the future of her country.

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For the love of Heavy Metal

Christopher Briggs is a host at WVUM 90.5FM  However, the attention from fans and the public became a controversy after famous murderer Michael Hernandez started to worship his show, playlists and send him letters...

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