Born in Lima, Peru in the 90s,

My mother was an activist and my father a doctor for the people

My mom organized protests for minorities "taking advantage of her white privilege" to get justice served. On the other hand, my father used his own money to see patients who couldn't afford healthcare for free. 

At age 12, I moved to the United States. 

I attended Miami Dade College after high school where I got a paralegal degree. 

I also attended the University of Miami (GO CANES!) where I graduated with a Bachelors in Broadcast and a minor in creative writing. 

I am the author of "AMERICA. HISTORY MIA, HISTORIA DE MUCHOS" and I am currently working on publishing my first manuscript in English. 

I have contributed for publications such as The Jerusalem Post, The Times of Israel and Thought Catalog. 

One of my passions is to get involved in social change. Give a voice to the voiceless when it comes to problems individuals face such as: human trafficking, immigration, racism, violence, etc.   I have  been involved in politics not just through writing, but also experiencing the work and power cooperation can do. 

Last, but not least,I am a young, Jewish, Latina, woman of color with a strong accent who doesn't shut her mouth.

I have an amazing and supportive family that are constantly encouraging me to follow my dreams. I have ancestors who watch me 247 from my paternal and maternal sides and most importantly I have myself and the LORD who lives in my soul.  Yes! I am a woman of faith. FAITH motivates me. 

Enjoy the show


Anastasia M.